XBox 360 HDMI –> DVI

Recently we got an XBox 360, mostly as media player for my wife. We had a spare 20” widescreen panel and got a HDMI to DVI cable. Reading the Microsoft site it wasn’t clear if the HDMI->DVI wasn restricted to the HTML resolutions such as720p, 1080i etc and the display would have to scale a lower resolution signal.

The good news is the cable can support the native 1680x1050 (1680 1050) resolution of the panel. The below image shows all the resolutions that are offered when connect via HDMI->DVI.


I knew the monitor wouldn’t support Hi-def playback because of it’s lack off HDCP, this wasn’t a problem because HD-DVD is dead and there isn’t any netflix in Japan. However, no the lame part came when I tried to play the DVD I got “HDCP secure link” error. Now apparently the XBox 360 needs a HDCP compliant display to play up scaled DVDs.

The lameness continues the HDMI socket is right below the standard AV connector and can't both inserted at the same time, I presume so you have to buy XBox HDMI cables, my solution was to just pop the bottom half of the case of the standard xbox connector.

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