OpenFst Example: Using User Defined Flags

In this OpenFst sample I will show you how to create a tool in the style of the library tools and add a custom command option (user define flag) that does not require the compilation of the whole library.

The below testfst.cpp file calls parses the command options and calls a main function that essentially does nothing. The DEFINE_double macros is used to define our flag names test_flag in this case.


#include "test-main.h"


namespace fst


  REGISTER_FST_MAIN(TestMain, StdArc); 

  REGISTER_FST_MAIN(TestMain, LogArc);


DEFINE_double(myflag, 1234, "My Flag");

using fst::CallFstMain;

int main(int argc, char **argv)


  string usage = "Test flags \n\n  Usage: ";

  usage += argv[0];

  usage += "  Flags: myflag\n";


  SetFlags(usage.c_str(), &argc, &argv, true);

  if (argc !=1)



    return 1;


  return CallFstMain("TestMain", argc, argv, FLAGS_arc_type);


The corresponding test-main.h files is the actual main function that just echo value of myflag a corresponding DECLAR_double macro.

#ifndef TEST_MAIN_H__

#define TEST_MAIN_H__


#include <fst/main.h>




namespace fst



  template <class Arc>

  int TestMain(int argc, char **argv, istream&, const FstReadOptions&)



    cout << "myflag=" << FLAGS_myflag << endl;

      return 0;



Next compile with:

g++ fsttest.cpp -lfstmain -lfst -ldl -o fsttest

Running the help option we see our new flag in the help options.

fsttest –help



--delta: type = double, default = 0.000976562
      Comparison/quantization delta
    --height: type = double, default = 11
      Set height
    --myflag: type = double, default = 1234
      My Flag
    --nodesep: type = double, default = 0.25
      Set minimum separation between nodes (see dot documentation)
    --ranksep: type = double, default = 0.4


And double check for a few values

$/fsttest --myflag=10

$ ./fsttest --myflag=-2.2134234

My two feature request are the shorthand versions, for example –i for –isymbols and that a tool only displays it relevant options.

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