Flite+HTS Engine for Flash - An HMM Speech Synthesizer Running Entirely in Adobe Flash

Flite+HTS Engine for Flash is an Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-based Speech Synthesis system (HTS) running entirely in Flash. The idea to make HTS run in any modern browser and allow dynamic text-to-speech to be added to any webpage with the entire synthesis performed on the client.

It requires Flash version 10 to run. If the above applet doesn’t load, a demo is also available here. It’s tested on Windows and Mac although I’ve seen it throw exceptions a few times.

I have wanted to learn more about HTS and try out the engine for some time. Installing under Windows requires building from source on Cygwin. After seeing Quake running in the browser, I thought it would be an interesting to try and get the the HTS engine run in Flash and make it widely accessible. Instead of re-writing the entire system for Flash I first took the HTS_Engine and Flite code and compiled it to a Flash component (swc) by using the Alchemy compiler. With the core engine compiled I used FlashDevelop to build a small interface, I looked at QuakeFlash to understand how to perform the interoping. The UI elements are from the Minimalcomps library and it also makes use of the audio playback from Standingwave .

By far the trickiest part was getting the audio to play in the Flash applet. First, the ByteArray for moving data between the swc seems to default to big-endian (thanks Heiga Zen). Second, the Flash player was unable output 16K audio ad I couldn’t get HTS to increase the sample rate to 44.1K without a pitching up the speech. The current implementation uses a very crude up-sampling technique, this is why the pitch of the voice may sound different when playing back through the applet.

Assuming HTS engine has the functionality underneath. I think it should be possible to perform streaming output and write the buffer to Flash as soon as speech is ready. Again if its possible to adjust engine parameters without having to re-initialize, adding the ability to adjust the engine parameters would be a nice way of exploring HTS.

Code for the demo is available on Github https://github.com/edobashira/Flite-hts_engine-for-Flash

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19 thoughts on “Flite+HTS Engine for Flash - An HMM Speech Synthesizer Running Entirely in Adobe Flash”

  1. I think this is awesome. Do you know what the effort would be to get this working in non-english languages as well? Congrats are in place any which way!

  2. Thanks for the comment. The hts_engine component should be pretty easy because it's language independent, and only require changing the embedded resource files to the new voice. The Flite component which performs the text analysis may be more difficult as I think it is hardwired to English.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! What an incredible application - I've already started playing with it and can so see many possibilities!

    I do have one quick question -- I've noticed that certain words cause the text to speech engine to render very garbled audio. For example, type the word "with" or "down" into the demo movie on your site. The garbling also happens when you end a sentence with a word like that (i.e. "the system is down" or "let's go with"). I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this. I tried installing another series of language files but that didn't seem to help. Any guidance would be most appreciated!

    Thanks again for everything -- this is truly amazing!

  4. Thanks for the comment.

    One thing that could be causing the garbled audio problems.
    There were some limitations in the sampling rates the Flash player would accept. I used some very crude up-sampling where I just repeat samples in Main.as and there is still a mismatch between the sample rate the engine generates and the Flash player sampling rate. Perhaps this could be causing corruption.

    If you listen the Flash version to the standalone Flite+hts_engine it's possible to here the difference in pitch. Does the standalone Flite+hts_engine sound fine for the same text input?

  5. Hello, I would like to know how can I use a different voice. I downloaded a spanish voice ("cstr_upc_upm_spanish_hts"), that appears to have nearly the same files as the included one. I embedded them in the application, but I always get an "Alchemy Exit" error, without more information.

    Could you write a short tutorial about how to use other voices?
    That would help a lot.

    By the way, this utility is AMAZING! :O

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