Openkernel and far style files for OpenFst

Just noticed there is a new version of OpenKernel that came out on 11th January 2010. Spotted some nice code in the last version so I was eager to check this version. My expectations were correct, extracting the archive revelled a directory named far directory. Could this by the compatibility with the ATT far format?

First, to compile I had to grab the icu 4.0 librrary from here as it wasn’t available on yum. These are that far commands that avaliable:

  • farextract – Seems to be the same as the old ATT farsplit command
  • farinfo
  • farprintstrings
  • farcompilestrings
  • farcreate – Not in ATT tool allows compiled fsts to merged in a far file

Quickly tried it out with a far file created from ATT tool ands it is not compatible (kind of obvious really). However, it’s nice to have far like files for OpenFst. One thing I noticed when checking out the commands is that the output file must be specified it doesn't default standard output.

Now to update my fstcount utility to support the OpenFst far format.

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