PDF Kanji Dictionary for the Pre-2010 JLPT Level 2

A few years ago I was really into studying Japanese and interested in dictionaries and typesetting. I built a system to typeset Japanese Kanji dictionaries, but for the last few years I haven’t working on the system. One of the dictionaries I made was based on the Kanji and vocabulary which appears in the (pre-2010) JLPT level 2 examination. Quite a few people have asked about the dictionary so I am making a version available to download. Below is example entry from the dictionary (The pdf version is much higher quality).

Pages from JLPTDict2

I’m also making another version available that features the animations from www.kanjireactor.com embedded right into the document. When I was using Adobe 6.0 full version I discovered that it was possible to embed Flash applets. The possibility of creating beautiful printing documents that could offer interactive and advanced program like functionality when viewed on screen really interested me. For a kanji dictionary it would allow for stroke order diagrams to be displayed with full animation it allows for the direction to displayed in very clean manner. I’ve successfully viewed the animations in Acrobat readers 9.2 and 9.3 with Japanese language supported installed and I have Flash Player 10 on Windows. The animation does not work with MacOSX native pdf viewer and also do not seem to work under Ubuntu.

When viewing the document Acrobat will first prompt for permission to allow embedded content, after a small delay a the animation like the one below should appear in the document. Single clicking on the character should start the animation. After allowing the embedded content there is normally a slight delay, scrolling the document or clicking around seems to speed things up.

The files can be found are available at www.kanjijisho.com

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